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Smart Pillbox Cabinet spread devotion and family's love

Present health and happiness with Cabinet

You are not alone anymore.

The Cabinet help both users and guardians manage medication schdule together.

Remote setable medication time by SMS, also offer to non-taking alert to guardians by SMS.

Guardians can set user's medication schedule anytime, anywhere remotely.

The cabinet allows guardian to remotely administer and manage medications from anywhere!

Medication state will be notified to the guardians in real time, even if the user takes medicines late.

You can present family's warmness
using the Cabinet application.

Make a phone call to say hello to your parents,
once you got an SMS.
connect with Bluetooth, saving medication schedules, alarm setting function

Connect with Smartphone

Up to 3 guardian can be registered,,
Sending SMS to the guardians automatically if users did not take medicines on time, Remote setting of medication time by SMS

Automatic SMS

Easily to set medication schedules one time using QR

Easily to set

You can easily set it by referencing video below.

The Apps can be downloaded at the Google Play & App store

Our App only supports Android mobile phone

smart pillbox android app

Download Easy QR Code Setting Table

Medication schedule can be set easily with the QR code scan, refer to user's manual.

Smart HealthAll Application
Android OS 4.1 or later, iPhone will supported (TBA)

Connect with Bluetooth
Saving the medication schedules
medication time setting function
Connect with Smartphone
Up to 3 guardians can be registered
Automatic SMS transmission system to the guardians
Remote setable of medication time by SMS
Easily set the time by SMS remotely
Easily to set medication schedules one time using QR
Korean, English are supported

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